CANNAGE Collection by Fiam


CANNAGE Collection by Fiam

This collection of coffee and side tables is the result of the desire to celebrate Fiam’s technical and experimental skills at the service of the designer’s aesthetic research. Cannage takes therefore shape from the idea of crafting and modeling glass in order to give it an intertwined effect. In this way the process of molding, which requires manual precision, skill and patience, becomes an aesthetic result. It is a tribute to the craftsmanship and traditional savoirfaire that reflects the cultural sensibility of historical research and the versatility expressed through drawings and design, with several references that recall weaved threads, the mysterious charm of the mashrabiyya, the complexity of webbing and the delicacy of knitting. The designer Emmanuel Gallina has thus created for Fiam Italia a collection of contemporary coffee tables with an old-fashioned allure, in which the glass print contributes to the creation of flexuous lines, for a material which communicates the elegance of simplification and linearity. The association of glass characterized by textures belonging to our collective history to the hardwood base, allows therefore Cannage to project the warm and intimate atmospheres of our memory and our homes.

Cette collection de tables résultent d’une volonté de mettre en avant les prouesses techniques de Fiam au service d’une recherche esthétique du designer.
Cannage, prend forme dans l’idée de modeler, de travailler le verre pour lui donner un rendu de tressage.
Comme un hommage au savoir_faire artisanale et traditionnel qui demande minutie manuelle, dextérité et patience, Emmanuel Gallina joue des connaissances techniques pour donner cette empreinte, cette trame dans le matériau du verre.
Il émerge de cette recherche historique une collection de tables résolument contemporaine qui laissent deviner des interprétations : cannage, mais aussi les motifs ajourés des mucharhabie.

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Design by: Emmanuel Gallina